notes from last week

  • Atlanta was 120 in the garden on Saturday.  I think that is just a ridiculous amount of heat for anyone to deal with…
  • I am tired of flying.
  • I miss my family when I leave.
  • I love travelling with friends.
  • New restaurants make me smile – especially when they are good.
  • I am dying to scrapbook!
  • I have enough pictures on my camera to make a book all on its own right now.
  • I am not ready for super hot weather which is invading currently. 
  • Life is too short to do anything that you are not passionate about or driven to do… 
  • I am blessed.

Now –  a bit more to say… 

Owen started his “on your way to kindergarten” program today.  An hour and a half of Kindergarten prep at the school.  When did he become this “boy” – not my baby anymore?!?!?!?  Today – we started this, he has swimming lessons, and has his first-ever t-ball game (last week they had practice.)  When did this happen?????  Fighting tears as my babies both are getting so big everyday…

owen school

Let’s just say that listening to a remake of “Landslide” isn’t helping either…


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