on vacation… sort of

We were in northern Wisconsin for the weekend with no access to cell service or Wi-Fi, so I am a tad behind today. 

Well, I am on VACATION this week – yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, why am I in the office?  Well, it is a stay-cation as so many others are taking this year, and well, there was stuff I had to get done, so I am in the office today.

I will, however, have some great pictures to share, some fun projects, etc… that I will be loading the rest of this week and into next, so stay tuned…



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2 responses to “on vacation… sort of

  1. OK missy…how am I going to get that super cool dress to you when you are on vacation? LOL
    How will you have it in Florida??

  2. Hey stephanie ! Hope you enjoy your week! I wanted to let you know that I FINALLY finished up the one week album you challenged us to do back in April1 I’s cueand on myblog if ou want to take a look – J

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