to 10 years of marriage…

This past year has been amazing, but sometimes hard.  So, even though it is our tenth anniversary, we are not doing gifts.  Instead, we are going to just have some time together and go to dinner and a concert tomorrow night.  To me, time together, without refereeing the kids is a gift in and of itself. 

I know that this is a girly thing, but I did it anyway…  I made Matt a scrapbook of our first 10 years.  It is a small 6×6, but it holds some special memories – college graduation, our engagement photo, memorabilia from our wedding, and more…  I could have filled 80 books, but I went small and meaningful.

Happy Anniversary – I love you.



This is the first wedding photo I have scrapped.  For some reason, our wedding feels too big to tackle…



So young…  our engagement photo


Jamaica – our first and last real getaway – on our honeymoon…




This was at 7 Falls in Colorado – I am terrified of heights, so this was monumental for me!


to another amazing, wonderful, awesome, and truly outstanding 10 years of marriage…



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5 responses to “to 10 years of marriage…

  1. alyssak45

    Happy Anniversary! and thanks for sharing about your relationship! It’s inspiring to see couples that are still happy when all the news in the world is about divorce and unhappiness. You know I read a great book that helped me evaluate my relationship with my man and rediscover the prince that I married. There’s even a cool, easy contest that goes with it, you should check it out so you can win a vacation with your man!

  2. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    Steph, this is so great. I love it.

  3. marla#3291

    How sweet Stephanie = Great job I love it. Congrats on 10 years. This is a wonderful acc0mplishment – not always easy but definitely worth it!!!

  4. AWWW congrats! What a great tribute!

  5. Christine C

    Congratulations on 10 years, I love your mini album and I am sure your Hubby will too.
    PS I know what you mean about scrapping your wedding photos, we also recently had our 10 year anniv, but I also have never scrapped our wedding photos – it just seems to precious to play with lol.

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