This is a project that I have been trying to time find to at least get started…  organizing my layouts.

As much as I know that I don’t have to be so organized, I just can’t help it.  When it comes to creating, I am totally cool with getting messy, etc…  but I am still very uptight about having my layouts in order and organized per year, in total chronological order.




When I had to start storing finished layouts in boxes, I started to twitch.  When I started busting the spines on post-bound books, I started to twitch more.  When I realized these layouts were not in any order at all, I really started to lose it. 



So, when I had some time Wednesday night, I broke out the boxes, the busted albums, and got to work… it was a bit more of a challenge than I had expected.  All of 2007 and 2008 had to be put away.  Then, I realized this was only the tip of the iceburg.  I did come to another revelation…  I have outgrown the typical post-bound books and have graduated to the d-ring American Crafts album.  I have loved them for quite a while now for my 6×6 books, and now that I have my 12×12’s in them, I am in love.  They do not squish the layouts together and give the ones with more junk on them room to breathe, without damaging anything – I love it!!!



I still have the boys’ books to move into better albums, as well as 2004-2006,  and get 2009 so far into a book.  But, at least this is a start!

And, the twitching has subsided, for now…



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4 responses to “finally!

  1. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    I got my first AC Dring album a few months ago at Hobby Lobby 50% off! I love it. They are HUGE though and I’m not sure where to store it, but I love that it isn’t squishing everything and I can get more LO’s in it.
    Where do you store yours?

  2. Meghan E

    I love the AC D ring albums! They make life SO much easier. I just got all my old albums switched over to these earlier this year.

  3. marla#3291

    Awesome Stephanie – I too am a very organized and chronological person. I will have to check out these AC ring albums. I have never heard of them before. I do have some 3 ring binders.

  4. Christine C

    I have just purchased 2 d ring albums to sort my albums into too, so much easier to move pages around etc.

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