mary, mary quite contrary…

how does your garden grow?

Well, evidently, mine grows really well!

This is the first “real” garden we have had.  We had tomatoes one year in the flower box at the old house, but that was it…  this year we have a 12×12 garden with corn, tomatoes, beans, and more…  today, I picked the first veggies from my first garden and I am so excited!!!


We got about a pound of beans!  I can not wait to cook them up for dinner tonight.  The kids were so excited…  they are just waiting to see what comes out next!!!


only one pea pod was ready to harvest…  more to come, however, I’m sure…


Zucchini, anyone??  I am sure we will have a few very, very soon…


beans before I picked them…


lots and lots of tomatoes to come…

Should be a very bountiful harvest when it is all said and done!  Yeah!!!!



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2 responses to “mary, mary quite contrary…

  1. Marlene

    Everything looks so awesome! Nothing better than fresh veggies, especially when you grew them yourself. I would still like to have a garden, but we’re not sure how to keep all the wildlife away since we can’t use any fencing. Hmm….

  2. Laura

    You are one of the lucky ones. NO ONES garden here is producing due to the heavy rains and hail storms we got. It’s hit and miss for some friends in the surrounding areas. Nothing better than veggies from your own garden ! Enjoy your bounty !!

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