girl’s loft goodness…

Can I just say, month 2 was just as good as month 1…  Margie sure knows how to put together a rocking kit!!!

Here is the first project I made last night using my newest kit from The Girl’s Loft

gl1 full

gl1 a

gl1 a1

gl1 b

gl1 b1

I just love taking the time to create, which I did last night.  I often go, “If only I had the time…” then sit and watch tv mindlessly.  Last night, I just said, enough is enough and grabbed my kit and got to work.  That is one really nice thing about kits – stuff shows up on your doorstep and inspires you to create – even in the middle of the week, right after dinner.  I like that…



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4 responses to “girl’s loft goodness…

  1. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    this is great. I love love love how you use buttons. I’ve been using them more and more. thanks.

  2. marla H.

    Wow Stephanie – love the buttons and the rope!!!

  3. Love your layout! Margie’s kits look like a lot of fun! 🙂

  4. These are amazing! I can’t wait until YOU are guest designer!
    loves girl LOVES…
    kiss kiss

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