another category story…

My second project for Category Stories was to create a layout about “pampering me.”

I am a working mother – I am not sure what that even means… 

I did, however, have a revelation last Sunday, as I happily stood over a pot of risotto that I was making…  this is my idea of being pampered.  Being left alone for 20 minutes to stir rice, slowly adding the liquid, and bringing it to amazing and delicious life.  Once it was done, that big, steaming bowl of cheesy, soft, creamy goodness, paired with a nice glass of wine and an unread magazine became my pampering time.  I got a little “me” time.  It didn’t last long – about 3 minutes to be exact, but at least I made a valiant attempt and effort to carve out a little time to enjoy a favorite dish of mine and to put my feet up for a few minutes. 

Then, to make it even better, I got to scrap it…  I love life some days…






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2 responses to “another category story…

  1. staceykingman

    That looks yummy – I’ve never had risotto, ever.

  2. Sara R.

    First, I know exactly where you’re coming from! LOVE those few moments when I feel like I’m being myself and enjoying it.

    Second, love the page…thanks for playing along this month!

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