is home… for now…

I am home.  Finally home.

Yesterday was Owen’s first day of school.  He started Kindergarten.  How can he already be this big?  Where does time go????  I have pics at home, so I will try to load those – heck, I might even try to scrap them if I can!  I am home for 2 whole weeks and Matt and the boys are road-tripping to my next event, so they will be with the next time I travel, too!  Yeah!

It feels good to sleep in my own bed, eat home-cooked food, curl up on the couch and veg out with the kids, and just be “home.” 

I think that home is often a concept that is completely underrated.  We all talk about it, but it is more than a house.  It is a feeling, a sanctuary, an understanding that only we have for that particular address.  There is just something absolutely amazing about the concept of “home.”

Which leads me to this…  What does “home” mean to you?  What makes you feel at home?  Is it your current apartment or house or your parents’?  Is it more to you that just a building with your stuff? 

How do you document “home”? 

Share your idea of “home” by next Thursday (Sept. 10) and I will draw a winner for some fun goodies…

Enjoy your idea of “home” today – I sure plan on it!




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18 responses to “is home… for now…

  1. Meghan

    Even though I’m 30 years old, have a house of my own, and my parents are divorced, I call my mom’s house “home.” I tried not to once my husband and I had our “home,” but I just can’t help it. Home is where my mom is 🙂

  2. So glad you are home for a bit. I’m sure it is nice after your travel to and fro.
    Home is where my husband and children are. My husband and I have lived in five different homes since our marriage 9 years ago (today!). It’s the people in the house that makes it a home 🙂

  3. Christine C

    Home is where you can wear your favourite trackies and not do your hair or put on make up and no one cares, its where you can feel comfortable and at ease, its where you feel safe and secure, and most importantly it is where the love is.

  4. Jennifer C

    Home is where my husband, daughter and dog are. Home is where I feel the most comfortable.
    Home is where I want to be!

    Glad you are home!!!

  5. marla H.-#3291

    Home is where you feel the most comfortable, where you can be yourself and feel safe from the world. It is where you get to enjoy the things you like best.

  6. Melinda

    Home to me is two different places but both with the same common thread of family. For me no matter where I live as long as my husband and kids are there that is home…they make my house a home.
    The other place I always refer to as “home” is back East where I grew up and my parents, brother and sister, and extended family are. In conversation I refer to it as “home”.
    Basically home to me is being surrounded by family.

  7. marci sims sturges

    home is a great big hug.

  8. I did a post on this topic on my blog…

    I quoted the line from Nemo where Dory tells Marlin, “I look at you and I’m home.”

    That’s how I feel about my family — I look at them, and even when we’re 3000 miles from where we belong, we’re still “home.”

  9. Connie Witherell

    _Home_ is where I’m surrounded by Love!!
    I still call the town where I grew up my home too.

  10. Stephanie #3485

    after I get off work, I drive 30 mins to get home. Bosco is always awaiting me there (my cocker spaniel). I love on him, then let him out, fill his food bowl, then let out the ferrets for play time. Then, when Bosco comes back in, I lay down on the couch, he usually hops up there with me, and take a big deep breath and thank God, as this is my favorite time of day and when I enjoy home the most!

  11. Patty 2832

    I hope you are able to spend more quality time at home .

    For me, “home” is in this house, on this property with my husband and my kids. It doesn’t matter what we do…or if we are doing anything. When we are all here, we are home ! We spend alot of time together…try to have dinner together every evening.

    One day last week, a boy from around the corner was here playing with Jake, my 10yr old son and it was time for dinner, hubby went out told him to come and the boy asked how long he would be. Hubby said could be 30 min, could be an hour. (we’re not crazy about this kid!) And the boy says…WHAT ?? .. it only takes me 5 minutes to eat. DH went on to explain that we all help get dinner on the table, sit down, say Grace …eat and talk about what’s happened during the day. This kid was amazed that we sat down to eat as a family ! LOL Most of the time it’s at the table but sometimes it’s on the floor/coffee table watching sports or a movie or on the deck…as long as we’re all’s good !

  12. Cynthia

    Home is where the family is. I grew up on the road with my family. Although we had a house we always rented with our own furniture and personal items, my Dad was an evangelist, and we traveled more months than not. We called “home” the hotel we were in at the time; or the host home we were staying in; or the condo of the week, or day, or, whatever. It’s funny. “Home” was where we called the place we laid our heads for the night. That could be in any of the United States, or it could be in several other countries we were blessed to visit.

    Now, my childhood behind me, I’ve been married for 20 years, and home has for that time been one building that my Love and I have filled with four beautiful daughters. Yes, I think “home” will always be the place we live most in. The place our loved ones occupy.

    And I believe the word, “home,” does not begin to cover the many emotions connected therein.

  13. Robyn W - Fiskateer #323

    Hi Stephenie…..Home for is a place i dont get to be too long at either….it is my sanctuary too…..funny, i always called the town that i was born in home, even though i didnt live there at the time, nearly 20 years ago i moved back and the funny thing is our town’s name…..actually means home in aboriginal…..i only learnt this after being back here for a bit……now if only i could spend more time in the building i call home all would be perfect…..

  14. Laura #1943

    Home is where you feel safe, where you can really relax, where your favorite pillow is, where the pictures on the wall make you smile cause they are all the people who love you for being you. Home is knowing you belong somewhere and your heart is happy.

  15. Jena Baker

    I know this sounds corny, but I feel “Home is Where the Heart is”. So I have many “homes” as my heart lies in many places. I have a “home” where I reside with my Hubby and children, a “home” where I grew up and my parents, in-laws and extended family are, and a “home” where I go and worship with my church family. So I guess I have a big heart as it needs many “homes”. These are all places where I feel so very loved and feel like I can also give love freely. 🙂

  16. Valerie

    The house we currently live in is a sanctuary for me that I call “home.” The charm of the home, the smells that linger from previous owners that tell a story of memories past, and the memories and sounds of the children we’ve added here make it a sanctuary for us. I remember the day we brought home our first son and I have an imprint in my mind of telling my husband “this house feels different now.” Our home is different now in a good way that brings comfort to my soul.

  17. Michelle 3624

    We have moved a lot from place to place during his service time and I know that my home is in my DH arms no matter where we are. . .

  18. Home is where my family is, a supportive group that let’s me air my “bad” days and just smile and make me dinner. Thank you to the people who truely love me……. My family always waiting for me at HOME ;).

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