there are moments of quiet in my house.  The boys have gone to bed, Matt is out bowling, and there is a single light on in the living room.  They are rare, but oh so precious.

Last night, I had one of those nights.  There is something magically calming about it.  It isn’t eery or creepy, but unbelievably settling and peaceful.  It isn’t something that happens often – when it does, however, I embrace it. 

It is a moment when I walk through the house and feel so blessed and lucky.  I peak in on the boys to make sure they are okay, retuck them in, give them one last kiss and whisper “I love you” in their ear one last time, hoping it filters into their dreams.  It is a moment that calls for hot chocolate and a comfy down blanket or the afghan my grandma made me.  I look around and just take it all in – the quiet, but steady, ticking of the clock.  The way the light plays off of the shadows and softens everything around it.  The chance to page through the latest magazine I have yet to read. 

For these moments, I am truly grateful…  they are the calm within the storm of life.  Yesterday was a particularly stormy day, so it was nice to embrace the calm…

Here’s to finding calm in your storm, whatever that might mean…


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  1. Barb #2975

    Glad to see you posting… Sorry that yesterday was not the best… Hugs to you!

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