feeling nostalgic…

I really am…  I have spent the morning working on a project that has had me going through thousands of Fiskateer photos.  It has had me almost in tears at points. 

Pictures of the day that I met some of my best friends in the world…



Pictures of adventures we have had together over the last 3 1/2 years…

a even

me and su


tool school

Days when it was all about being a member of something absolutely fun and amazing…




first day


me and jodie


Not sure why I am so nostalgic today, but I am…  I guess some days it just all feels so long ago and so far away.  Today is one of those days that I miss being a crusader in orange, starting a movement that was amazing and wonderful.  Today is a day when I wonder how to get back to that more.  Today is a day I miss my friends and people who understand this side of who I am.  Today I miss that part of what I used to do.

Today – I want to be a loud and proud Fiskateer in an environment where people understand that and embrace it, rather than looking at me all crazy as the last crafter standing. 

Today – I resolve to get that back into my life more often…  somehow.



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5 responses to “feeling nostalgic…

  1. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    Awe Steph, come on over and post a challenge or play with Cheryl this weekend during her online crop (that i have to miss). We love ya and I totally love that we all “get” being a crafter and Fiskateer!

  2. you always have a spot at Card n Camera whenever you need to crop. We miss you.

  3. Sara R.

    We’ll welcome you with open arms! Miss you being around over there…

  4. Laura #1943

    Miss seeing you …. Wish we could chat over another cold mexican buffet (San Antonio…talked so much the food got cold !!)…Love ya Steph…so glad I MET YOU…..nostalgia is running amuck lately !!!
    xo Huggs…..

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