felt trick or treat bags…

I had fun making these and added them to the Official Fiskars Page over on facebook, but wanted to share it here as well!  These were fun to make!!!

As a kid, I fell in LOVE with felt.  As an adult, I continue to have a true passion for it…  not the real fancy stuff – no, mine is a passion for the $0.25 pieces of it from the craft store.  I think it must trace back to the early days of Kindergarten and felt boards.  Anyway, I still love it and grabbed some from my local store to create custom trick or treat bags with my kids!
trick or treat bag
First, I bought one yard of low-end gray felt.  I purchased several Halloween inspired colors of the $0.25 sheets as well.
photo 1
Next, I folded the yard in half and used my rotary cutter and clear ruler to cut out the bases of the bags.  They are 19” tall and 12” wide.  This ensures that the bottom of the bag will stay together when loaded down with candy!
Then I sewed both sides with a simple stitch on the machine.  This way it is secure with no holes.  There is nothing worse than kids crying over a lost piece of candy.
photo 2
I quick drew out a handle template and cut that out using the rotary cutter. 
photo 3
Next I did an orange whip stitch on both sides and around the handle openings for some added stability.
photo 4

photo 5
Finally, it was time to add in the fun!  I cut out a pumpkin shape and embellishments and went to town decorating my bag.  I used tacky glue to add and hold all of the embellishments.  You could easily add the whip stitch here as well, but I just went simple with the glue this time.
photo 6
For the kids, I pre-cut out the pieces and added the googlie eyes so that they can just place them and glue them when they are ready to make theirs.  All of the prep work is done and they just need to decorate! 
photo 7

See – easy peasy lemon squeezie!



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3 responses to “felt trick or treat bags…

  1. These are just too cute! I’d sport this as a purse in a hot second.


  2. Amy Harle

    Wowsers!! These are soooo cute – I do believe a trip to Joann is in my future!!

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