fun halloween lanterns

Yes, I am still at it, making Halloween stuff…  I just love easy-to-do projects and this is one that is super easy!

I bought some great little and cheap paper lanterns at the craft store in several Halloweeny colors.


Then I got out my favorite punches and got to work!


For some, I just punched out Halloween shapes and added them on with pop dots.


For Frankie, I got a bit more creative…  making a round Frankenstein, by the way, is difficult.  If he isn’t somewhat squareish, he just doesn’t seem to be Frankie enough…  oh well – I still gave it a shot!  I used punches and scissors to create him…


All in all, it was a fun little chance to be creative.  When I hang them, I think I will just use some battery-powered lights – I will see what I can find.

Anyway – one more week and a day… then it is time for the Halloween Hauntings to begin!



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10 responses to “fun halloween lanterns

  1. liz kartchner

    wow. these are cool!

  2. Meghan

    Super cute and super easy 🙂

  3. Patty W-2832

    I think they are adorable ! Frankie looks cute all round !

  4. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Super cute!

  5. These are fabulous! I’m so glad you could join the fun, Ms. Hamen. Thanks again for your support, the NYC event was amazing and EVERYONE went nuts for the squeeze punches!


  6. Cute and fast- love them…

  7. I love these laterns!
    Great Job!

  8. Super cute!!! These are so festive, thanks for the idea!

  9. Love the little ghosts. So creative! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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