locked away

in a room all this week… We are in these crazy brainstorming session meetings all week and I feel totally out of touch with the outside world. I decided to sneak out for a minute, check my email, and catch up around the outside world.

I am super excited about tomorrow.  We have “Trunk or Treat” at our church.  You decorate your car trunk or the hatch back of your SUV, park in the church lot in a semi-circle, and the kids trick or treat from car to car.  Of course I am hard at work on trying to figure out exactly how to decorate my trunk and tonight will be the night to empty it out and get it ready…  I will be sure to share some photos of it… this ought to be interesting. 

Okay – back to my hole…




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2 responses to “locked away

  1. Christine C

    What a great idea, so much safer and more fun that going house to house.
    I hope you put up photos of your “trunk”.

  2. Patty W-2832

    More and more places are doing the trunk or treat.

    Will we get to hear more about these secret meetings ?! Hope so !

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