thank you jefra…

In about 30-45 minutes at Spark, I learned more about my camera, photography, and just trusting my eye than I knew was possible in that amount of time.  Thanks to Jefra, my eyes have opened more to some of the cool possibilities that my camera holds… 

Thank you Jefra!



These 2 she took of me on my camera…  seriously cool…  love giving someone my camera and getting this back…

These below, I took, playing around with lenses, the LensBaby, and just having fun…  It was amazing to just take pictures to take them – they might be slightly out of focus or a little different, but it was about the experience of “playing” which I have not done in a long, long time… 





And this is Miss Jefra herself…



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One response to “thank you jefra…

  1. andrea smith said you’d posted about the class – i’m SO glad you loved it so much and learned so much!!!

    i adore the pics you took and how true and free they are. this is EXACTLY what you should be doing. freeing up your soul to take the pictures you love and you see.

    WHOOhooooOOO! Stephanie i loved meeting you and you were a delight! HUGS.

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