remembering my grandma…

After a long hard-fought 10 year battle against the “Big C” – her’s was ovarian cancer. 


Through it all has been my grandpa, taking care of her, loving her, and standing by her in a way that was tender, sweet, and amazing to watch.  The strength he has and the love that poured from him to her was precious and wonderful to watch.  At times I felt I was intruding on them because of the tender way they were.  It is something that few in this life can achieve – a true love that last through everything without waiver.

My earliest memories of her involve skeins of yarn and crocheting needles.  The warm, soft, and fuzzy works of everyday art are my earliest crafting memories.  She was crafting before crafting was cool or trendy.  She did it completely out of joy and love.  She made baby blankets, doll blankets, blankets for weddings, and blankets for homes.  As I began walking through my house last week, thinking of grandma, I realized that there is a part of her in almost every room of our house.  The boys each have their blankets that she made them for their baptism.  Our wedding blanket is in the living room.  Mine that I have had so long I can’t remember is in our bedroom.  And my other one from when I was a teenager was in the family room.  There is not just a reminder, but a level of comfort and warmth that can be shared by all. 







Thank you to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes.  It has meant the world to me and my family. 

{Ruby Maxine Fetters}   May 17, 1932 – Nov 13, 2009   

 Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Cousin, Sister, Aunt, and Friend…  you will be greatly missed.




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8 responses to “remembering my grandma…

  1. Amy MN fiskateer

    You are in my prayers tonight Steph. How lucky to be part of such a special love. Take care.

  2. Tamara

    I’m so sorry for your loss Stephenie. May she rest in peace and may the love and kindness of all those that love and care for you comfort in your time of sadness.


  3. Amy (#1295)

    So sorry for your loss Stephanie. Your post was so sweet!

  4. stephenie, so very sorry for your loss. what a beautiful post you shared.

    loving Him and you,

  5. hey dude…awesome post. the way you described their relationship is probably the closest to perfect and accurate as anything in the world has ever been…well said. it’s hard to believe that i was 20 when her battle started….she was one tough lady. isn’t it strange that i never knew her real name was ruby?? the weirdest part of all is that yesterday while we were at the craft show, lily kept walking around to all of the jewelry vendors asking if they had anything with a ruby that she could buy….like just out of nowhere… *sigh* i’m glad our moms have been able to grow closer through this…and i’m glad to be there for you, too. love you guys! see you this afternoon. xoxo

  6. connie #2909

    Stephenie I am sorry for your lost. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. This was a beautiful post.

  7. marla H.

    Stephanie – Sorry for your loss of your dear Grandma. I lost mine last year. Be happy for all the good memories you have!!

  8. karlalala

    i’m so sorry for your loss darlin!! you were worried about your grand-folks at SPARK… i’m so sorry!! BIG HUG to you!!!

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