day 2 {we remember}

This is not a post that I want to write, but one that I must, none the less.  A few years ago, Matt’s gram passed on Thanksgiving day.  This year, we lost my grandma a few short days prior as well.  While I want to give thanks and share gratitude, I also want to remember those who have been influential in our lives, but are no longer with us.

Previously I have posted about Matt’s gram’s recipe for Swedish Dream cookies that we make every year at Christmas.  I have framed and hung her recipe in my kitchen – the dirty one in her hard to read handwriting.  That is something that I am more than grateful for.

Today, I writing about my grandma.  I am beyond grateful for all the years we have had with her as a family – for all the memories, stories, laughs, smiles, sugar cookies, and apples in my stocking.  I am grateful my children got to know her and I am beyond grateful that they have amazing memories of her as well.

As a crafter, I often turn to crafting as a form of coping with emotions – good and bad, happy and sad.  This time, I made a piece of jewelry to keep with me to help me have my grandma with me whenever I want her there.  It helped me to get through her funeral and will continue to help me get through the next few weeks as we go through Thanksgiving and enter into the Christmas season… 


There are pictures, old and new, in here…  Pictures of them smootching in 1978, pictures of them with me as a baby, and pictures of the blankets she had blessed our family with, along with a small piece of yarn from one of them.  There is a ribbon that “fell out” of a hymnal (according to my brother) at her funeral service, and a bird charm that reminds me of her fight and final “flight” to be with God. 

I challenge you to remember those you have loved and lost this holiday season and find a way to honor them in your own unique way.  Whether that be as a gift to someone else, or just for yourself.  Find peace and give thanks.

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.  Philippians, 1:3

(Special thanks to Ranger for some amazing products used to create this cherished necklace!)




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2 responses to “day 2 {we remember}

  1. karlalala

    what a sweet sweet post!! and a wonderful tribute to your grandma. i’m so sorry for your loss. many blessings darlin!!

  2. Sandy

    What an awesome tribute, Steph. I am so sorry for your loss.

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