day 5 {we share}

Yesterday was about baking pumpkin bread and muffins, while today is about sharing all of it with others. 

To me, there is something amazing about sharing baked goods with others.  They understand you and you can reach people in a whole new way.  The neighbor that brings banana bread straight from the oven while you are unpacking boxes while moving in, the friend who makes your favorite cookies when you are going through a rough patch, or, your mom, making Texas cake just because she can and just because she loves you.  There is something about baking and eating those amazing treats that speaks to all of us. 

That is why I never bake without sharing – I can’t.  So, after a large batch of bread and muffins, I did some crafting. 

It is absolutely amazing what you can do with a chipboard tag – can I just say that?  You put some amazing paint on it (like this from Viva), you put some pretty paper on the back, stamp it with a sentiment, add some fluff (in this case, some fabulous vintage trims from my dear friend Margie…) and suddenly it goes from plain tag to a pretty bit to add to someones gift. 



It is also amazing what you can do with a punch and some vinyl if you have 15 minutes.  I punched out some pumpkin shapes, grabbed a plain glass plate and glass I had picked up for $0.75 each at Goodwill, and got to work creating using some etching creme (follow your directions – mine were 15 minutes.  Just read the bottle…)  For the plate I etched the negative of the image.  For the glass I etched everything but the image.  Now, this was my first time ever trying this, but I wanted to find cute ways to give my little bits of baked goodness.

Finally, once all of the goodies are on their special plates, in their baskets, or nesting nicely in the glass, take some celo wrap or even just some plastic wrap, and tie it all together with your ribbon or trim, and attach your tag. 

When it is all done, you have somehow managed to channel your inner Martha and create something beautiful to present your baked goodies in.  There is nothing better than sharing not only your heart in baking, but in creating something amazing to give it in as well… 

God has given gifts to each of you… Manage them well so that God’s generosity can flow through you.  1 Peter 4:10

Who will you share a smile or cookie with today?

From our house to yours, please enjoy your week and our gratitude…



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3 responses to “day 5 {we share}

  1. Laura Casey #1943

    How pretty ! Thanks!

  2. Lara

    love this idea! I also love the “channel you inner Martha”…LOL

  3. JeanaD

    The cards I thought were adorable, but then the etching!!!! Out of this world cute!

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