day 1 {cards with ornaments}

This was the project that I did at Silver Bellas.  I absolutely love this project.  I had a blast making the ornaments and playing with the Perfect Pearls.

Christmas Cards with Attached Ornaments (Click here for the directions…)

The pictures of the project kind of stink…  nothing better than trying to take pics inside under flourescent lights…  anyway…  but you will get the drift.

I paid for the images I used, but you can easily find free vintage holiday art online…


Now… for the CONTEST!!! Now closed… winner has been announced!

Leave your comment and I will draw a winner and send out 3 custom ornaments just for you!!!!  Happy Holidays!



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10 responses to “day 1 {cards with ornaments}

  1. Patty W-2832

    Very pretty Steph ! Love the little birdie! Everyone is getting into the Spirit and crafting it !

  2. I love this idea, and you could use old christmas cards too.

  3. Love the idea….now if I would actually make my cards, this would be awesome.

    Looking forward to the rest of you ideas!!!

  4. Renee

    Gorgeous…thanks for sharing the how to.

  5. Connie #2909

    This is so pretty. I like the idea of using old christmas cards too. Thanks for the link to the instructions.

  6. Marlene

    Gorgeous as always! I really love the Holly Berry one! Starting to feel festive!

  7. Bianca #1794

    I really enjoyed making these ornaments at Silverbella. Thank you for sharing these projects with us there. I will definitely be giving one of the ornaments to my grandma this year.

  8. Laura #1943

    How very pretty !! Congrats to the winner, Renee !!

  9. Robyn W

    very cute Stephenie

  10. Stephanie #3485

    Hey Steph, I can’t open that link for the directions. Where do you find the frame? It looks like what you used on Fiskars TV-is it the same thing? I’ve found the glass, but not the frame. This is great, very beautiful.

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