day 3 {quotes}

I have been reading a very great book that was given to me by my amazing cousin Jodie.  It is has inspired me to really re-think gift giving and Christmas this year.

One of the stories that was in there was about how his mother will write her favorite pieces of scripture onto index cards to create books.  Well, as a crafter, that was an amazing starting off point for me.  I couldn’t, however, just stick with plain index cards…  I made it my own.  Now, normally at this point I would start talking about the importance of writing things in your own handwriting.  Then I go and do something like this – hybrid…  yes.  I said it – I went hybrid for this one.  (Now, I am not saying it is great, but it is a start…)I did that for one reason – so that I could share some of it with you…

Here is what I did…

What I decided to do was take a plain and inexpensive photo album and create pages with quotes of inspiration that I could print and then embellish… 

So, this is my gift to you… today’s giveaway…  jpg’s of some of the pages.   It is my way of sharing what inspires me with you…  I hope that it inspires you to create and add to  your book with more quotes or ideas that inspire you. 

Enjoy… (right click then save as)


Ah, heck, why not…  I will send one copy of this amazing book by  Matthew West to a commenter on this post as well…  What is the point of sharing otherwise?????

NOW CLOSED  – Winner has been announced!


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17 responses to “day 3 {quotes}

  1. Elisa Ager

    Lovely giveaway today – thanks for sharing the pages with us – I love to make my own gifts and can’t wait to see what new ideas you have to share over the next 9 days. What with making gifts and Tim’s tags too there’s not much time left to spare round this house!

  2. Marlene

    What a neat idea and a beautiful book! Thanks for sharing the jpg’s so we can make our own! You rock!

  3. Ok if I don’t win it I will probably have to buy it!!

  4. Betsy #2572

    I love Matthew West! (I don’t have the book yet) I’m going to have to look for it now. Love the mini book! Thanks for sharing it its beautiful!

  5. Dana

    Great idea! I’m love giving away little bits of inspiration – thanks for the awesome project idea 🙂

  6. Connie #2909

    What a great idea!

  7. karlalala

    is this the same Matthew West as the christian artist?? how cool that you are a follower of Christ!! something else to love about you!! smooch!!

  8. Melinda Wilson

    This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great idea! I am definitely going to use these quotes!
    I love the third one!

  10. Renee

    Fantastic idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jenna

    What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I am loving the posts everyday!

  12. Stephanie Meadows #3584

    Matthew West is one of my favorites. I have heard about this on the station I listen to, but haven’t gotten to check it out yet. I would love this book. Thanks for the opportunity! Love this that you did, very nice. I’ve been wanting to start something like this.

  13. Robyn W

    great quotes

  14. I keep telling myself to get on the hybrid bandwagon… I see lots of cool stuff, but you made it look too easy.

    Thanks for another great idea!

  15. Olivia

    What a wonderful idea! Even if I don’t win, I will definitely give this one a go!

  16. tam

    Great idea! hope I win, I need ideas for meaningful gifts. thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Sandy "Aspromised"

    Simply elegant – thanks so much for sharing

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