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the junk bow

I LOVE this idea…  it was a make-n-take at Spark from the girls at Dear Lizzie.  I quickly fell in love!

(ssshhhh… just don’t tell my work Secret Santa person I made this – we reveal at lunch today… guessing he doesn’t read my blog, so I should be okay…)

They are super easy to make – you just take some stuff – in this case, a couple of types of tissue paper, an old book page, and a $0.50 holiday stem and create a fun and decorative bow!  I just cinched it in the middle and wrapped it up!  It made the simple brown bag fun and pretty for a cost of next to nothing…  gotta love that. 

To get it all to stay, I glue gunned it together…  So pretty…  maybe I will make one for me, too…



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day 12 {a photobook and all the trimmings}

Well, here we are – day 12.  That means that days 13-15 will be spent shipping, so if you have won, keep your eyes open this week!!!  Make sure to go back through each day to see if you have won have not yet contacted me.  There are actually several of you who have not yet claimed your prize!

Now, onto day 12…  a photo book.

I am a huge fan of the cool books you can make with places like snapfish, etc…  I just never am happy with the templates or waiting to get them.  Now, all of that has been solved with Unibind’s PhotoBook Creator!  You can use their software to layout your book, create it yourself in any digital software of your choice, or you can even paper scrapbook like I did and bind it yourself…  the possibilities are endless!  To be honest, I feel like what I made last night was the first of many projects and gifts to come…

The cool thing is that the book covers are blank – a great canvas to start with.  Perfect for adding just about anything.  It is a creative trip from start to finish, cover to cover!

Yes.  I heat embossed on the over.  I took one of our background stamps and covered the 4×6 book cover with it and set the whole thing.  It worked fantastically!  (just don’t get the heat gun too close – it did alter the black cover a bit, making it shiny in spots if I got too close…)

I then punched out a little bird with a Fiskars squeeze punch, grabbed some glimmer mist and added a little fun bit to the cover as well!


What is really cool about this system is that you can mix and match lengths, shapes, and sizes.  As long as it is in the binding when you set it and put it together it will work!  I was able to put in little cards as dividers and play around – it was a lot of fun!  It is also cool because you can use border punches on the ends, etc… for more fun looks.  I really feel like this is about as basic as you can be and cannot wait to play more with the whole thing!

This is another cover I did – this time a horizontal 8 1/2 x 11…  these have a photo window on them, so I had fun with it as well!

I again heat embossed the cover with some Fiskars stamps and also added an entire border made with the Fiskars scalloped squeeze punches.  It was a lot of fun to make!

Now…  prize time… and since it is the last day, let’s make it count!

First, a Unibind PhotoBook Creator – wow!!!  Thank you Unibind!!!!  Then, to go along with it, a variety of Fiskars stamps, border punches, and squeeze punches to help you create amazing covers and pages within!!!!  Total – about $250.00 worth!!!!  Comment on this thread for your chance to win!!!!  NOW CLOSED – Winner has been announced!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!


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day 11 {girl’s loft goodness}

Okay, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am a huge fan of The Girl’s Loft kits.  It is the first kit I have ever done a monthly subscription to before – it is that good!!!  I absolutely love it and when I get the email receipt saying that the next one is coming, I must admit that I stalk my mailbox until it comes.  I call home and ask if it is here yet and when I get home and it is, I rip it open and just fall in love…

This month was no exception.  It was full of lots of buttons, beautiful papers and ribbons, and so much more.  When I got home and it was here yesterday, I had to run downstairs and make something.  The great thing about these kits is that there is enough to do more than one project.  I can usually get 3 out of a kit and still have paper left over!

Last night I did a project that leaves me with 90% of my supplies left…  so more playing today… 

This project uses the great kit, my Fiskars cordless glue gun, some wooden dividers I had left over from another project, and a Target dollar bin find – mini-trees…

Here is what I was able to create…

Needless to say I had a ton of fun playing around last night and can’t wait to play some more today…

Now, however, for the giveaway…

Anyone want to win their own Girl’s Loft kit??  Leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner in the morning!  Good luck and a big THANK YOU to The Girl’s Loft Gals!!!  Oh, and what the heck – anyone think we should add in a Fiskars glue gun?  I do!  So the winner will get a kit and glue gun, too!!!  NOW CLOSED – winner has been announced!


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day 10 {2 necklaces}

Over the past few months I have gotten more interested in jewelry making again.  I learned a great technique from Claudine Hellmuth at CHA which I did last month for FiskarsTV.  After that, Miss Margie taught me some fun stuff at Spark and now my brain is on fire with what I am starting to call Memory Charm pieces…  If you are going to wear something, why not have it be meaningful or at least something created just for you?

So, today is a twofer – 2 giveaways…  Yippee!!!

One lucky commenter will win a custom canvas charm as inspired by Claudine.  The other lucky winner will win a Memory Charm piece that I will create for them with pictures or memorabilia that they send to me!  So, leave your comments on this thread for your chance to win!  NOW CLOSED – Winners have been announced!!!


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day 7 {make something glittery}

Sorry for the delay in getting this loaded. I am feeling very under the weather the last day or so…

We went and got our Christmas tree this past weekend and when we went, they had an amazing little shop that had wonderful bits of glittery decoration.  One of the items that I found and fell in love with was this little sign…

Of course I fell in love with it, but then the brain started to turn…  I can do that…  so I got to work with some bits of this an that I had and made some glittery bits of goodness of my own – some little ornaments that spell out joy.

I took some Bazzill chips, glue, glitter, Cosmo Cricket blackboard letters, and some other fun bits of goodness and got to work.  I have glitter all over the place now, but it was worth it.

I cannot wait until tonight or tomorrow when we get the tree up and the decorations on…  with the little twinkle lights, the glitter will sparkle even more!

Now, for today’s giveaway…

Today I will be sending out a whole bucket of goodies…  It will include bags of glitter, chipboard, holiday bits, and so much more!  It will be plenty to create your own glittery bits this holiday season!  Leave a comment here and I will draw a winner tonight!  NOW CLOSED – Winner has been announced!


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day 5 {a scarf}

When I saw this project by Brookelynn Morris on Craft, I fell in love!!!!  (She is an amazing artisan, by the way…) I saved the link and headed out to Goodwill on the hunt for the perfect sweaters to create mine.  I brought them home, washed them, dried them, and then never got to work!!

Now the day is here to blog about it and I just finished my version at 11:00pm last night, so if you are reading this early in the morning, you are seeing the sample from the linked project directions.  If you are reading in the late morning/early afternoon, hopefully there is an edit note and the addition of my photos as well…  I just wanted to wait until I had good light for the pics to share mine!

And, for those of you who know me, you know I m not a sewer – so if I can do it, you can, too!!


Well, I got mine done and photographed, so here you go…  The one thing that I did different from her instructions was to create a little clip.  I noticed that once you pull the ribbon to tighten it up into pretty bunches, the ribbons hang and dangle around…  so I made a little coordinating clip to help anchor them somewhat.  I actually used a hair clip to do it because I was afraid that a pin would be too loose and allow for too much wiggle room.  The hair clip worked perfectly!!! 

Anyway, here is my interpretation of this amazing project and I cannot wait to get to work making more!

Today’s giveaway is another Gingher rotary cutter to aid in the repurposing of a sweater near you!  And, while I am at, why not throw in a scarf, too!  (Color may vary from image posted here…)  NOW CLOSED – Winner has been announced!


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day 3 {quotes}

I have been reading a very great book that was given to me by my amazing cousin Jodie.  It is has inspired me to really re-think gift giving and Christmas this year.

One of the stories that was in there was about how his mother will write her favorite pieces of scripture onto index cards to create books.  Well, as a crafter, that was an amazing starting off point for me.  I couldn’t, however, just stick with plain index cards…  I made it my own.  Now, normally at this point I would start talking about the importance of writing things in your own handwriting.  Then I go and do something like this – hybrid…  yes.  I said it – I went hybrid for this one.  (Now, I am not saying it is great, but it is a start…)I did that for one reason – so that I could share some of it with you…

Here is what I did…

What I decided to do was take a plain and inexpensive photo album and create pages with quotes of inspiration that I could print and then embellish… 

So, this is my gift to you… today’s giveaway…  jpg’s of some of the pages.   It is my way of sharing what inspires me with you…  I hope that it inspires you to create and add to  your book with more quotes or ideas that inspire you. 

Enjoy… (right click then save as)


Ah, heck, why not…  I will send one copy of this amazing book by  Matthew West to a commenter on this post as well…  What is the point of sharing otherwise?????

NOW CLOSED  – Winner has been announced!


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