day 2 {a bookstore}

I have to say that when I heard about the creation of ella I was beyond thrilled.  It takes book publishing and the bringing together of creative ideas to a whole new level for the crafter and scrapbooker.  2 absolutely amazing women are behind it – Lain Ehmann and Angie Lucas – and the authors and topics of these books are fantastic.  The one and only Cathy Zielske is the creative imagination behind the layout of the books and the content is just unreal. 

I am including this as a handmade holiday gift for a couple of reasons – one, each book is handmade by individual authors.  2 – you print it if you want, in effect making your own book.  C…  each book contains amazing ideas for the creation of potential gifts, cards, layouts, and so much more…

So, today’s giveaway is 2-fold…

First – one lucky commenter (ON THIS POST) will recieve a free download of the newest book at ella by Margie Romney AslettVintage Hip Christmas Crafts!  Thanks ella! Now closed – winner has been announced!

Secondly – from now until Dec. 10th, all of you can save 25% off of Margie’s book with the code of CRAFTY09  – how lucky are all of you!!!!!



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29 responses to “day 2 {a bookstore}

  1. Connie #2909

    congratulations Renee! What an awesome give-a-way today. I would love to have this download. Thanks Stephenie for a chance.

  2. Denise #2736

    WOW – what an awesome give away..

  3. Great Giveaway I have been eying this for a while now on the website!! Happy December!!

  4. Elisa Ager

    Hi I’ve been following Tim’s 12 days of Christmas tags and was really pleased to find your 12 days of gift ideas today. Now I really will be busy over the next 10 days! Thanks for the great ideas.

  5. I would love Margie’s book… you two both crack me up… I wish For Keeps Sake would have another ScrapSTL so I could see both your antics again!!

  6. WOW! Thanks Margie. Great give-away.

  7. Traci

    Fun, fun, fun giveaway….the book looks so fun. I’ve been eyeing now since it came out….not sure why I haven’t purchased it yet but if I don’t win I definitely will! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I have to check this book out. it looks cool, and they used a quickutz font so that has to say something about the inside.

  9. Samantha Wales

    I would love to recieve Margie’s book. If it has the name vintage in it I’m all about it. Love Vintage anything and that mixed with Margie’s creatvie talent can only be a good thing.

  10. Maxine Hodges

    She is one talented and busy lady. What a amazing rak. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Jena Baker

    Thanks for the chance to win the great give away and the coupon too!

  12. Denise

    I have been eyeing this download for some time now. It looks very interesting. I love vintage and just can’t get enough of it!

  13. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! I just found your blog and love it!

  14. amber

    WOW!!! I love you guys all that you create. I would love a copy of the book.

    Thank you!!

  15. That is so sweet of you to give this book away. Thanks for giving all of us the chance to win it.

  16. Connie W.

    Love Vintage!
    Love your new Elf header too 😉

  17. Robyn W

    love what they are doing over at Ella, and this one looks great …thank you

  18. Susie

    That looks like a very cool book, I’m a vintage lover too!! lol

  19. Betsy #2572

    Congrats to Renee! The book looks fabulous. I like what I have been seeing with Ella!

  20. Christine

    What a great gift to give away! I also love the fact that if I am not chosen I still get a discount. You Rock and thanks for arranging a cool gift for all.

  21. I must be behind the times, that’s what moving and sick kid will do to ya! I did not hear about this until just now! Love the last project too, just too fabulous!

  22. Carole Hepburn

    Fabulous prize give away – love vintage and it looks totally cool !!!

  23. Great goodie! I need to make time to check out the books at Ella. They have some fabulous authors!

  24. Laurie

    With the current economy any/all gifts from me will be handmade. I could use the inspiration from Margie and her girls. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Cassie Spencer

    Great Book!

  26. Krista O'

    Margie is a hoot, would love to make some of her fun creations!

  27. Frances C.

    Great giveaway … thanks for a chance to win!!

  28. Terri

    Wow. Awesome giveaway. Thank you for offering it.

  29. cindy barriga

    Fingers crossed!!! 😀

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