we have officially moved to a new web address

As of today, please be sure to visit me at www.mycraftyadventures.com  I will no longer be blogging from this site…  We hope to see you there!!!


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it’s here…

a little early, but why not share it!


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it’s coming…

A whole new blog, a whole new project, and a whole new word for 2010…  are you ready????

The new blog will have the same type of content – just more of it and it will be a bit more craft focused – scrapbooking and a bunch of other stuff as well.

The new project – so…  everyone hates Mondays.  It has always been that way.  Monday has a bad rep – let’s change that and create Memorable Mondays – a whole year of them…  Are you with me???

The new word…  not so fast… THAT you will have to wait for!

We should be ready by New Year’s Eve to launch so keep your eyes open…

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holy moly!

Just realized how long it has been since I blogged!  I think that I was kidnapped by the holidays!!! 

Well, keep your eyes open for an announcement later this week…  some new stuff is coming…  very soon!!!!


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the junk bow

I LOVE this idea…  it was a make-n-take at Spark from the girls at Dear Lizzie.  I quickly fell in love!

(ssshhhh… just don’t tell my work Secret Santa person I made this – we reveal at lunch today… guessing he doesn’t read my blog, so I should be okay…)

They are super easy to make – you just take some stuff – in this case, a couple of types of tissue paper, an old book page, and a $0.50 holiday stem and create a fun and decorative bow!  I just cinched it in the middle and wrapped it up!  It made the simple brown bag fun and pretty for a cost of next to nothing…  gotta love that. 

To get it all to stay, I glue gunned it together…  So pretty…  maybe I will make one for me, too…


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thriving sucks

There.  I said it.

I officially picked the wrong word for 2009. 

2008’s word was “change” and it was perfect.  This year I did not do so good on picking a word… here is why.

I looked at “thrive” as a word meaning to excel, to continue to move forward, etc…  instead I got the bit about “thriving in bad conditions” which was not at all my goal for this year.  Here is where we did well…

  • We thrived as a family during a move to a new town and state in the middle of winter with 3 feet of snow on the ground.
  • We thrived as a family as Matt has continued to look for a job this past year.
  • We thrived as a family when other members of my family were dealing with issues of all sorts.
  • We thrived as a family as we struggled to figure out how to pay bills with less income.
  • We thrived as a family while dealing with the loss of my grandmother.

All of these are ways that we “thrived” this year.  Just not exactly what I was looking for as I entered 2009, however. 

Now, even though it is only the 16th of December, I am looking to 2010.  A new year.  A new decade.  I am looking at what word will I kick off a whole new era with flair and style and capture all that I want the year and decade to be.  I think that I have it. 

I am going old school, kickin’ it 1985 style with my word, but I don’t care. 

On January 1, 2010 things will be changing here on my blog, and hopefully, in a lot of other ways as well.  I am making some changes and moving into some new paths and directions with my crafting, my family, and my goals in life.  I will be taking baby steps, but I really want to take my 2010 word and live it up and embrace it wholeheartedly. 

Other years I have been very serious and thoughtful about my word.  Not this time.  This time it is about this one life we have to live.  This one trip on earth that we share.  It is about embracing all that is creative, fun, enjoyable, and exciting about life and just going for it.  I love my word and I will be happy to share it on 1/1/10… 

Oh – and to kick off the new attitude a tad early, I was brave and went back to my real hair color at 10:00 pm Tuesday night…  holy cats, here we gooooooooo….


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day 12 winner

Well, the random number generator felt that #12 for the 12th day seemed appropriate, so that is what he picked…

Congrats to…

Patty W-2832
December 13, 2009 at 11:20 am · Edit

Wow, those are really cute Steph!

Thanks for the chance at a VERY generous giveaway !

Merry Christmas to you and your family !

Patti – Shoot me an email at stephenie003@verizon.net and I will get all of your goodies out to you!!!!


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