day 12 {a photobook and all the trimmings}

Well, here we are – day 12.  That means that days 13-15 will be spent shipping, so if you have won, keep your eyes open this week!!!  Make sure to go back through each day to see if you have won have not yet contacted me.  There are actually several of you who have not yet claimed your prize!

Now, onto day 12…  a photo book.

I am a huge fan of the cool books you can make with places like snapfish, etc…  I just never am happy with the templates or waiting to get them.  Now, all of that has been solved with Unibind’s PhotoBook Creator!  You can use their software to layout your book, create it yourself in any digital software of your choice, or you can even paper scrapbook like I did and bind it yourself…  the possibilities are endless!  To be honest, I feel like what I made last night was the first of many projects and gifts to come…

The cool thing is that the book covers are blank – a great canvas to start with.  Perfect for adding just about anything.  It is a creative trip from start to finish, cover to cover!

Yes.  I heat embossed on the over.  I took one of our background stamps and covered the 4×6 book cover with it and set the whole thing.  It worked fantastically!  (just don’t get the heat gun too close – it did alter the black cover a bit, making it shiny in spots if I got too close…)

I then punched out a little bird with a Fiskars squeeze punch, grabbed some glimmer mist and added a little fun bit to the cover as well!


What is really cool about this system is that you can mix and match lengths, shapes, and sizes.  As long as it is in the binding when you set it and put it together it will work!  I was able to put in little cards as dividers and play around – it was a lot of fun!  It is also cool because you can use border punches on the ends, etc… for more fun looks.  I really feel like this is about as basic as you can be and cannot wait to play more with the whole thing!

This is another cover I did – this time a horizontal 8 1/2 x 11…  these have a photo window on them, so I had fun with it as well!

I again heat embossed the cover with some Fiskars stamps and also added an entire border made with the Fiskars scalloped squeeze punches.  It was a lot of fun to make!

Now…  prize time… and since it is the last day, let’s make it count!

First, a Unibind PhotoBook Creator – wow!!!  Thank you Unibind!!!!  Then, to go along with it, a variety of Fiskars stamps, border punches, and squeeze punches to help you create amazing covers and pages within!!!!  Total – about $250.00 worth!!!!  Comment on this thread for your chance to win!!!!  NOW CLOSED – Winner has been announced!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!



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26 responses to “day 12 {a photobook and all the trimmings}

  1. viji

    Oh!!! Sounds so delicious! I would so love to win this one! Please pick me!! You are so generous!

  2. Susie

    Wow! That is an awesome giveaway, will keep my fingers crossed for this one!! Sorry I didn’t find your blog sooner, very cool!!

  3. what a cool idea! i like that the books it helps you create look like the fabric bound books out there with everything enclosed in the spine! what a neat tool!!

  4. Dora de Anda

    Great item!!!! I love it!!!

  5. Krishnam

    me!me! Pls me! I woke up early to see if i had won yesterday. I wish i had found ur site earlier. I know what I will do with it a photobook of my wedding wwith all the fun pics :o). Thanx for great giveaqaya…im in xmas mood!

  6. WOW that is cool… I have never saw this book binding system, but it looks so easy.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Traci

    I have enjoyed The 12 Days…..not entering the contest but wanted to say thank you for a wonderful time and for all the goodies you so graciously gave away. What great gifts to have appear “under the tree” for the winners! Thank you, Stephenie, for making the holidays brighter for us all!

  8. Denise #2736

    Stephanie – you have created such a beautiful book! What a lovely prize this is…. I absolutley love it!

  9. Mandi Richards

    Okay – this giveaway is amazing so I had to comment!! I love the book you made – so beautiful!! We need to meet up some time in Princeton and scrap!!

  10. What a fantastic tool. I’d love to add this to my craft room! Love that you can bind scrapbook pages.

  11. Sharon Carroll

    What a cool prize! Love how you created your book with the punches, embossing and glittery goodness 🙂

  12. Patty W-2832

    Wow, those are really cute Steph!

    Thanks for the chance at a VERY generous giveaway !

    Merry Christmas to you and your family !

  13. Renee

    Wow…that is a great giveaway!!! The possibilities are endless.

    Thanks for a great 12 days!

  14. Wow! What a fantastic giveaway!!!!

  15. Awesome! I love what you did, and can’t wait to try it myself!

  16. Connie Bandt

    Another great idea that looks easy enough to do. Thanks for all the ideas you provided.

  17. Sara R.

    REALLY like that embossed cover!

  18. Marlene

    I guess I’ve been busy for the past few days. I hadn’t checked in since day 9! Love all of the projects you’ve shared. As I’ve always told you–you’re my hero!

  19. Christine C

    Are you kidding me! That is a fabulous prize, my hands are waving hoping that you will pick me.
    I love what you did with your book.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Melinda Wilson

    I am behind on making an album from Thanksgiving so I am going to use your idea! Thanks!

  21. conniemelancon

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the 12 days Stephenie. Really enjoyed it.

  22. Robyn W - Fiskateer #323

    WOW……thank you for the chance, been loving your posts and you are so generous to be doing this
    thank you Stephenie

  23. What a great giveaway!! Thanks!!

  24. Marla H#3291

    WOW Stephanie -What a totally incredible prize package this is!!! It would be fabulous to have some goodies like this to create some fun memories for someone!!

  25. calonghorn

    great project Stephenie!

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